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The Status of Integrating Sphere in China Market

IES LM-79-08 “Electrical and Photometric Measurement of Solid-State Lighting Products” as the exclusive international standard for measuring the total luminous flux, electrical power, luminous intensity distribution and correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI) and other colorimetric parameters of solid-state lighting products (SSL), it highlights the total luminous flux of SSL products should be measured with the integral sphere system or goniophotometer. So the integrating sphere, as one of the main measuring instruments of SSL products, it can reduce and eliminate the measurement error caused by the difference of light shape, divergence angle and responsivity of different positions on the detector. Its design and manufacturing process is especially important and will directly affect the accuracy of test results.
Here we take a look at the current status of the production of integrating sphere technology in China market.

20161227110521 43723
Figure 1 The Old model Integrating Sphere

At present, there are still many suppliers in China using the old model integrating sphere. This kind of hemisphere is made of six steel sheets, and then using a clamp to combine the two hemispheres. The bottom is supported by an elastic adjustable foot to fix whole integrating sphere. However, there are many defects in this Splicing sphere, such as the structure is not strong, and it is easy to damaged and fell off during the long-distance transportation, and the ball is not round, which will definitely cause errors to the measurement results. We can see the difference in its shape when measuring with a standard round ruler, please refer to Figure 2:

20161227110608 90395
Figure 2 Using a standard round ruler to measure the old model sphere

Lisun developed a new type of integrating sphere (IS- *MA), its hemisphere is made of A Molding Technology which technical requirements are very high. So the test results are very accurate, and its appearance is elegant, also the roundness is very good, please see the following figures.

20161227110658 31787
Figure 3 Lisun New Design Integrating Sphere

20161227110742 70818
Figure 4 Using a standard round ruler to measure Lisun New Design Integrating Sphere

The new design integral sphere uses a fixed caster to replace the conventional fixed foot. And people can easily move the integrating sphere. Moreover, the sphere can be dismantled and assembled in half. The width of the hemisphere is about 1/2 of the whole sphere, which is very suitable for the transportation of spheres, especially for the small door size of offices or laboratories. In addition, this integrating sphere has equipped with a detachable test hold base, it can install different kinds of jigs according to the different types of lamp, which is very simple and convenient. The hold base can bear maximum weight 20 kg, It can be easy to install various lamps such as E27, E40, LED luminaires and so on. If you want to install other lamps, you just need to change the corresponding jigs. The hold base can be mounted on the bottom of the integrating sphere or mounted on the top of the integrating sphere. The position can be changed according to light sources. Please refer to the figure below.

20161227111127 10827

Now, let’s take a look at the comparison between these two kinds of integrating spheres.

20161227111220 79773

Old Model Sphere               Lisun New Design Integrating Sphere

20161227111307 62645
Old Model Sphere              Lisun New Design Integrating Sphere

20161227111331 98834

20161227111356 61224
Old Model Sphere                Lisun New Design Integrating Sphere

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