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The Simplified LED Thermal Design with Innovative Ceramic Method

It is understandable that Light emitting diode (LED) is restricted by the heating problem and cann’t become an ideal light source.

Many Led manufactures give great attention to the radiator, but give less attatention to the LED radiating surface of each layer and the barrier.

Using ceramic as the radiator, the circuit carrier and a part of product design not only need new ideas, but also have to overcome the shortcomings of traditional pattern.

What is the thermal energy?
As everyone knows, LED is energy efficient light source, because of its small size it also favorite by the designer’s. But only when it is not involved in thermal management, they can truly be called “small”. Although compared with incandescent light source which reaches as high as 2500 ℃ temperature, LED light source get much lower temperature. Therefore, many designers realized that heat is a problem cannot be ignored. Although LED still may have a fever, but the temperature is relatively low, so it does not a big problem. However,LED based on semiconductor device the working temperature should be below 100 ℃ .

Theoretical Basis:
Ceram Cool ceramic radiator is the effective integration of circuit board and heat sink, and can release the heat of sensitive components and circuits reliablely. It also supports a direct connection between the device permanently. In addition, the ceramic itself is not conductive, it can provide binding surface by using metal gasket. If you need to, it even can provide three dimensional conductor track structures for customers.

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