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The Replacement of Traditional Lighting With LED Products

Whether semiconductor lighting technique can cause a new lighting revolution, totally depends on the performance, cost and the application prospects of LED itself. In recent years, high power LED has enhanced the efficiency and declined the cost at a breakneck speed, it has a broad prospect of application in the display, lighting as well as some special fields. But facing the competition of traditional technology, it is not as optimistic as people expected for LED to replace traditional light source in a big range. Especially in ordinary lighting area, there are many technical challenges need to conquer. The light efficiency, heat dissipation, life and reliability, light health problems to solve, price ratio also needs to dramatically increase. Therefore, our country LED industry now faces huge challenges and opportunities.

United States Department of Energy proposed a five-year LED development plan before the year of 2012, which deserves us thinking and learning from. Currently we attached more emphasis to use LED to “instead of” traditional lighting products, and use the traditional lighting standard to measure the performance of LED products. In fact, it is impossible to fully display all the LED characteristics under the present condition. LED is a kind of solid luminescent device of small power and light source, has the good directional light-out characteristics, and is easy for digital integrated process control. Therefore, how to break through the traditional form of light source based on the existing lighting standards to develop LED product, is the problem that faced with. That is, how we give play to the characteristics of LED based on the people’s needs of vision, health, environmental protection, is important problem for the “next generation” semiconductor lighting industry development.

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