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The Relationship Between Color Temperature and Color Coordination

Usually, a color coordination corresponding to a color temperature while a color temperature corresponding to several color coordination. Namely, we can caculate the color temperature while we know the color coordination, but we can only know the isotherm in the opposite way. The isotherm means there are a lots of points corresponding to the same color temperature, countless points represent unnumberable color coordinations.
Color coordinate, namely, the coordinate of color.Now commonly used color coordinates including horizontal x and vertical y. The color coordinates can determine a point in a chromaticity diagram. This point accurately show the luminous color. Namely: the color coordinates accurately show the color.

Because the color coordinates includ two figures and is not intuitive, so we like to use color temperature probably represent luminous color of lighting source.

In fact, the color temperature is calculated by color coordinate, and we cann’t get the accurate color temperature of LED without the color coordinate.

If there is a deep color, for example: green, blue, we can calculated the “dominant wavelength” and “purity” through the color coordinates to represent the color intuitively.

For energy-saving lamp, our nation set the following requirements on the color coordinates, deviation value less than 5SDCM.

Name number symbol x y

F6500 fluorescent color RR.313.337

F5000 neutral white RZ.346.359

F4000 cool white RL.380.380

F3500 white RB.409.394

F3000 Warm white RN.440.403

F2700 incandescent lamp color RD.463.420

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