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The Rapid Development of LED Application Testing Equipment in China

Standard and detection techniques are the important leverage of leading the industry development. In the last two years, with the development of LED industry, LED had a rapid development in the standard of the application products from the device, module to lighting and display. The related international and domestic standards organization has released the relevant standards. After tracking, taking positive part in leading the related international LED standards, Chinese experts have made a continuous improvement for China in the position of international standardization domain, and this will have significant influence on    the development of Chinese LED industry globalization.

Regarding the performance detection equipment of LED application products, such as LED Streetlight, LED back light and other optical detection equipment, the related enterprise in our country completely have their own core technology. The product researched and developed can not only satisfy the demand of domestic testing laboratory, and have a number of products exported to other countries, including some government laboratory. Such as the large type goniophotometer with rotation mirror was developed by our country and already had a number of patent technology , while mainly European countries occupied the leading position in the world six or seven years ago. After several years of effort, currently the testing equipments developed by the related enterprise in China not only completely replace the imported equipments, and are used in several big national lamps and lanterns and LED testing laboratory of Shanghai, Guangdong, Xiamen and so on, but also have comprehensive advantages in the technology, the cost performance and service and win over Germany who is the representative of the international similar enterprise, and go into the international high-end market such as the Philips Asia-pacific lamps and lanterns R&D center lab, Singapore TUVPSB international authentication laboratory.

In recent years, the innovation ability of part of the testing equipment enterprises have constantly improved, the large type goniophotometer with rotation mirror which is suitable for LED lamps and lanterns light measurement has also been developed. They were invited to CIE expert meeting of this year’s international lighting committee and published the latest results, which has got the high attention of the international experts.

Our country’s equipment manufacturing enterprises unceasingly make progresses and have continuously developed the high-ratio performance test equipment which is suitable for China’s LED industry needs in the aspects of a series of LED key testing equipments such as the LED life and accelerated aging test equipment, LED thermal and junction temperature test equipment, LED phosphor efficiency test equipment. It has met the requirements of the LED application products’ research, analysis and laboratory, and has played an important role in the research and development of the product as well as the LED industry development.

In the aspect of LED tester, Chinese have a lot of work to do. At present, there is a large technology gap between various equipment manufacturing enterprises; there also exists a phenomenon of eagerly demanding a low price in the market. Many Chinese LED enterprises are small businesses; they can only go up from the advertising to know and choose based on the price among the complex testing equipments. Regarding the testing instrument of the LED upstream chip, our country is mainly import-oriented. In some of the emerging application domains of LED, our country also lacks of high performance testing equipment.

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