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The process of the sample element evaporation

The spectral line of the Analysis elements is made up of the emission of atoms or ions, but the atom generated by the dissociation of ion molecules, Provide  XY is molecule  , whether the atomic can be dissociation from the XY  was decided by the excitation temperature of  the light source the dissociation energy of XY, this dissociation is reversible.

The Molecules cannot be complete dissociation into atoms, effects the concentration of vaporized elemental, it will influence the analysis accuracy and sensitivity.

Samples of different element  ( or element of the different compounds of volatile elements)  are different in nature, different melting points, vapor pressure difference; Affects the sequence of them being evaporation from the analysis of the sample and impact sensitivity. Such as steel specimen in the air when excited, steel of different elements on oxygen affinity is not the same, We Should consider the elements from the sample to the excitation of surface diffusion, the diffusion velocity of different elements, so that the element of samples is triggered by the intensity of spectral lines and cannot immediately tends to be stable.

In order to study the intensities of the stability spectral line elements, it must adopt certain burning time,beginning of integral after the burning. Method of test for by spectral line intensity and time of T curve, called the ignition curve. There has a lot reasons that Influence the ignition curve .As with the material of the conductive properties, easy to heat conduction material and not easy to heat conducting material, the combustion time is inconsistent.

And the type of light source was associated with the excitation conditions, during the excitation process the vapor substance gradually coagulation attached to the electrode, until the electrode material in coagulation and the attached evaporation speed reaches equilibrium relation.due to  the third elements in the sample have influence to combustion curve, migration, because the third exist of elements, it generate the difference in internal crystal structure, and cause element evaporation process.

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