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The present situation of the LED luminaires and reliability life test

According to the national standards, the performance test methods of the traditional fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp all need to test 2000h light attenuation and 6000h life. Now CQC LED lighting energy-saving product certification measuring 3000h, 6000h and 10000h light attenuation to judge the service life of LED luminaires; While the U.S. Energy Star certification for LED lighting products, light attenuation test minimum requirement is 6,000 hours. Although these test method can detect the actual life of samples, but the test time is too long, the test fee is too high, completely unable to meet the demands of the market. Because LED is different from the traditional lighting technology, it is more mature and stable, LED technology is developing rapidly, every half year product use chip and product appearance changes a lot, until 6000 hours light attenuation test finished, this product may be eliminated by the market, so we have to find more quickly and more scientific test methods to test the reliability of LED.

If regard the LED lamps and lanterns as a system, according to the reliability test we can put it into three subsystems, respectively is the light source module (module) subsystem, driving power supply subsystem and interface subsystem. At present, it is not appropriate that some research institutions put forward the approach of whole lamps and lanterns accelerated life test to predict LED life. Different failure theory and accelerate theory have great differences, come out of the data is not reliable. So, we should be in accordance with the different subsystem to treated separately.

According to the current LED control device of the national standard and international standard strict testing can basic guarantee its reliability. So, Lisungroup developed LED Lumen Maintenance and Aging Life Test System(LEDLM-80PL) to test and record LED light attenuation data changing curve of lumen VS time, and colorimetric parameters VS time.

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