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The Operation Principle of Glow Wire Tester

Glow wire tester is applied to simulate the situation that insulating material which is easily spread the flame to other parts or solid combustible materials inside the device may light-off due to glow wire or burning components . Under certain conditions, e.g., in the case of the fault current flowing through the wire, the overload components and the bad contact, some of the components will reach a temperature that may ignite the parts nearby.

The operation principle of glow wire tester: Heated the Φ4 mm nickel chromium wire (U-type glow-wire head) made by required material to a predetermined test temperature (300 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃) by a large current. After that burning sample with a predetermined test pressure (1.0N) 30s horizontally. So we can analyze the fire hazard of the finished electrical and electronic equipment by the sample whether or how long the ignition time is; Record the burning time, ignition time (Ti), the flame goes out time (Te) and flammable index (GWFI) after completion of the test.

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