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The Materials May Contain Sulfur / Chlorine / Bromine Elements in LED Power Supply

1.PCB Board: Actually, the circuit boards available in the market usually contain a certain of residual sulfur element. This is beceuse, although PCB circuit board manufacturers will clean the sheet and eliminate residual sulfur-containing chemical solvents in the production process, but the general production process is quite difficult to clean it clearly.

2.Sulfur Rubber Power Line and Insulating Packaging Plastic Similar with Rubber : Vulcanized rubber can keep resilient at a temperature range of -65 ~ 250 ℃ and has excellent electrical properties, chemical stability, waterproof, resistant to ozone, resistant to weather aging, combined with the simple use and good craft applicability, it is widely used in the electronics industry as a coating, potting, packaging materials of electronic components.

3 Printed Circuit Boards, Shell, Plastic: PBB, PBDE, TBBP-A, PCB, six bromododecane, Tribromophenol, short-chain chlorinated paraffins and so on, such halogen compounds are often used as a flame retardant, used in printed circuit boards, shell, plastic and other materials. When the power supply heating, these materials will volatile halogen-containing gases which can combine with water vapor and generate harmful gas that can corrode the LED.

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