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The Light Distribution Curve and Related Standard of Lamps

Light Distribution refers to light intensity distribution of light sources (lamps) in all directions in the space, it can be represented by the light distribution curve, space illumination curve, plane relative illumination curve, the light intensity distribution form, mathematical function and so on. In the past, the most widely used, the most convenient to calculate is the light distribution curve, the representing method include the polar coordinate method and the Cartesian coordinate method.

Luminaire manufacturers typically provide its related printed materials in accordance with the lamp type: For project lamp, generally uses rectangular coordinate representation; for indoor lighting and street lighting, usually uses polar coordinate representation; in order to facilitate the calculation, it also provides utilization coefficient curve and the budgetary estimate table and so on. At present, the lighting design software is widely used, lighting manufacturers not only provide printed version of Cartesian or polar coordinates light distribution curve, we must also provide an electronic document file of light distribution curve, and rarely provide budgetary estimate table and utilization factor curves.

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