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LED static electricity test and LED lamp anti-static ability

1、  Used LED become dark or died, what is about LED static electricity test (Electrostatic Discharge Simulator)?

If the LED inspection of routine electrical and luminescent is qualified before delivery, and current is also compliant with LED standard, but in use, even appeared in the assembly, in this circumstance, LED is often caused by electrostatic damage.

LED suppliers often say to LED lamp  (LED lamp test) users that it is not good of anti-static, but in fact these saying actually are not to go back, and can’t say that it makes no sense, but, the fundament of this quality accident is often caused by LED lamp  (LED lamp test) itself low anti-static ability, only to change to high anti-static ability LED lamp (LED lamp test), it will win success immediately upon arrival, twice the result with half the effort.

2、  What does the LED lamp anti-static ability depend on?

LED lamp (LED lamp test) anti-static ability depends on LED lightness chips (wafer) itself.

LED lamp (LED lamp test) anti-static ability has nothing with LED packaging production in general.

Further speaking, anti-static depends on the LED EPI, which is the LED core technology, although there are some domestic LED chip factory at present, but most plants in the market are buying foreign epitaxial wafer back processing(also called after), epitaxial level in China is still a relatively backward technology level, luckily our country now also urges on a horse to chase their epitaxial technology.

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