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The knowledge about LED static electricity

1、  What is static electricity? And how does it produce?

Due to the existing of electric charge and electric field, the charge transfers, therefore formed two opposite voltage energy called static electricity. Static electricity is not static electricity, it is the same with common electricity in nature, the essence is the charge. Static electricity is everywhere around us, even though it is done enough electrostatic protection, it can not be completely no static electricity, it is only possible to reduce some static electricity. People walking, electric induction of appliance, contact friction of objects all will produce static electricity, want to protect? No way.


2、  Are anti-static indicators very important for LED?

Of course, once enterprises master the level of anti-static of LED, which means that is equivalent to mastering the reliability of LED.

Anti-static indicators of LED are good, which not only means that it can be applied in all kinds of products and various environment, also can be used as a comprehensive reflection of the comprehensive performance of LED, throughout the international LED companies, their LED anti-static usually is good, because to improve LED anti-static, it is also one of the most important quality index for LED chip manufacture. Therefore, the LED anti-static ability is the core expression of the LED reliability, even if the brightness and electrical indicators are very good, once your anti-static indicators are low, it is very easy to damage from electrostatic to die lamp.

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