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The Introduction of High Power White LED

Over the past years, the technology of light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) has shown impressive improvement. LED has begun to play an important role in many applications, owing to their many advantages such as high efficiency,long life,variable color and low consumption. High-power LEDs are the key devices for solid state lighting. The improvement of the luminous efficacy and reliability of high-power white LEDs is critical for their applications in general lighting. Studies on the LED reliability are the basis of the improvement of the LED reliability. We introduce the method and development of the reliability of LED in the home and abroad research and review the degradation mechanism that limit the reliability of LEDs,and put forward some ideas about the reliability of the high-power LED lamps (LED Lamp Test).

Semiconductor lighting is one of the most promising technology in 21st century. Since the ninety’s of the last century, with the development of GaN and SiC as the representative of the third generation semiconductor, blue and white lighting emitting diode have been studied successfully in succession, to make semiconductor white LED lighting possible. High power white LED as semiconductor lighting source, compared with traditional lighting source, has the energy saving, long life, green environmental protection, low voltage and short open time etc. characteristics. High power white LED technology develops rapidly, it has a extremely broad application prospect, and the reliability of the device is the guarantee to make it widely used.

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