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The Influence of LED Power Supply to LED Sulfuration

In general, when there is LED Sulfuration phenomenon, lighting fixtures plant usually check the production, storage, power, and aging environment firstly, but ignored the lamp’s built-in power supply. LED power supply has thirty kinds of raw materials in which may also contain sulfur, chlorine and bromine.

In a sealed, high temperature environment, these sulfur, chlorine and bromine may be volatilized into the gas and corrode LED light source. Therefore, LED lighting factory shall ask companies who produce power to provide LED power sulfur-free appraisal report in the procurement of power supply.

LED power supply sulfur-free appraisal report is a report that indicate whether LED power supply contain sulfur, chlorine, bromine or other harmful elements for the LED light source. The report is critical for the lighting plant as these element can react chemically with silver coating of LED light sources and lead lamp beads black and cann’t work.

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