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the effect of light source

The effect of light source, when the measuring element changes into the gaseous state, then being excited to be the spectrum line, convert the intensities of the spectral line elements into electric light current, the light metering system controlled by the computer conversion element content according to the intensity of the spectral line.

The dynamic process of the Source effect make the sample solid turn to be gas, some element was excited and then emission spectra, and these gaseous samples continue to spread to the surrounding, the gap analysis of the gaseous sample are constantly updated, required to achieve a dynamic equilibrium, when the light source is excited after a certain period of time, the vapor cloud measured element concentration increases, only when the vapor cloud concentration, it can get large photoelectric signal, in order to ensure enough light current, it must making the vapor cloud sample evaporation being speeder in the unit of time, it require of slower diffusing, to ensure the sample can stays in the vapor cloud for a long time.

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