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The difference between Electrostatic Discharge Simulator and Electrostatic Generator

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator consists of electrostatic generator with output of positive and negative (usually 20kv,30kv) and electrostatic discharge gun, which design the discharge network according to IEC 61000-4-2 and GB 176262 and can play standard discharge current waveform. The discharge rate can be manually 1 times and automatically 1 times in 1 minute, 20 times in 1 minute or any debugging, which is mainly applied to electrostatic discharge test of system-level electronic devices such as mobile phone, computer anti human body metal model, including electrostatic generator and electrostatic discharge gun. The output of electrostatic generator in electrostatic discharge simulator is positive and negative and sometimes can be transformed.

There are other electronic devices such as diode, IC etc. special electrostatic discharge sensitivity of electrostatic discharge simulator, which are designed according to USA Military Standard MIL-STD-883F and ESD Association . They are mainly used to test anti electrostatic discharge capacity of human body model, which is the electrostatic discharge sensitivity test.

Electrostatic Generator mainly generates electrostatic, the output is usually a single polarity, as for positive or negative, and the output voltage can be adjustable, which is usually applied to science research. The electrostatic is applied to electrostatic precipitation, electrostatic spraying, generating electrostatic field for the study of the biological effect and other place applied static electricity.

Electrostatic Generator has low-voltage (0-8kv)(0-20kv), medium-voltage (0-80kv), high-voltage (0-1000kv). The output with a high precision digital indicator is better than 1% and the pointer (about 10%),can also be customized accroding to user requirements in different voltage and current of all kinds of electrostatic generator.

When choose Electrostatic Generator, we should considerate of output volltage, the polarity, output current and precision. The general electrostatic precipitation and electrostatic spraying can choose the general precision, which is OK with 10%. Electrostatic Generator of electrostatic precipitation should have larger current, which is often minimal of several mA and even several hundred mA, and is uausally required to work in much dust and high humidity environment for many years without maintenance. In this case, it should choose electrostatic generator, which is mainly applied in factory.

Electrostatic spraying and appliance of electrostatic field could choose the electrostatic generator of several hundred mA.

If applied to celibrate the electrostatic voltmeter and science research, it demands electrostatic generator with high precision (better than 1%) and negative,positive or positive and negative can be transferred at the same time, and they are bipolar , high precision and output continuously adjustable.


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