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The damage of LED blue light

As the LED lighting application range being wider and wider, the attention of consumers for blue light hazard issue is also growing, in order to solve the consumer’s doubt for using LED lighting products, in the report of national quality supervision center mentions LED blue light damage, the products of LED packaging component single power reaches to 1w must strengthen structure of protective measures, and suggested the indoor LED lighting product’s color temperature should not be more than 4000 k.
According to the survey of the national center lamps quality supervision, one product reaches to 2 class blue-ray risk standard under abnormal using, however the product’s LED module single power reaches to 1 w, this kind of LED package’s per unit area light output is large, if the human eyes look into this kind of light source, maybe lead to blue-ray hazard situation, therefore, we should take such as diffusion cover and necessary protective measures, and note the warning signs.
In addition, the blue light chip phosphor’s coating quality stand or fall is one of the main factors impact on health, the survey found that many unknown sources phosphor powder mixing and coating quality is very poor, lead to color temperature is very high, like the color temperature more than 6500k, even reach 100000 k, such products use for a long time will affect people’s biological clock and affect sleep, cause biological clock disorder, and leads to reduced immunity etc.

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