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The Calculation Method of Lumen Maintenance

1. For sample lumen maintenance ignition test at least two shell temperature.
2. Test flux of LED devices at 0h, 500h, 1000h, 2000h, 3000h, …… ignition time respectively, and calculated lumen maintenance at each point time, and the test time is not less than 6000h;
3. Connect the lumen maintenance test point at each temperature;
4. Connect the points at the same lumen maintenance levels in lumen maintenance curve tested under two different temperatures;
5. Calculate the accelerating factor according to the time corresponding to connection point;
6. Repeat ④⑤ operations at five different levels of lumen maintenance at least, and the interval time between each point should not less than 500h;
7. Calculate the average acceleration factor;
8. Calculate the changes of lumen maintenance at low temperatures over ignition time by using average acceleration factor according to high temperature test curve.

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