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The Basic Parameter of LED

There are three kinds of parameters of LED test, namely, photometric colormetric and electric parameters. Here let us have a look at some kinds of basic parameters of LED.

1.Luminous Intensity (IV)
The luminous intensity is the luminous flux emitted by per solid angle unit, unit for the candle (Candela, CD). In general, the light source will emit luminous flux in different directions, and the luminous intensity means the visible light radiation intensity emitted by the solid angle unit in a specific direction.

Human perception of color is a complicated process, in order to quantizate the description of color, the Commission Internationale Ed I’eclairage (CIE) calculate the red, green, and blue light color matching function according to the visual perception of different wavelengths caused to the human eye based on the standard observer’s visual experiment. After mathematical transformation, the so-called CIE 1931 Color Matching Function (((), y (x (), z (()) produced. and according to this matching function, several kinds of color measurement definitions was used to describes color and further better use.

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