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The basic knowledge of the spectrometer

What is a spectrometer?The interaction between light and matter cause to electronic transition between the atoms of

material inside and molecules,it makes the material on absorption of light and emission, scattering wavelength and in the

intensity information occur change, the  instrument of detection  these changes   is called a spectrometer. Therefore,the


basic function of the spectrometer is to stretch out the polychromatic light according to the different wavelength,

cooperate with all kinds of photoelectric instrument to get wavelength composition and the intensity of wavelength

composition and the original information to use for subsequent processing analysis.
Spectral analysis methods as an important means of analysis that play a great role in the aspect of scientific research,

production and quality control, etc.
When a beam of  compound light entrance into the entrance slit of  monochromator, first by the optical collimating lens

converge into a collimated light, then through the dispersion  of diffraction grating   as  separate’s wavelengths, use each

wavelength to leave grating’s angle  different,by focusing mirror imaging exit slit.With computer control can change the

output wavelength precisely.


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