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The Applications of Electronic Ballast

1. Maintain a constant output power.
Keep the constant lights instantaneous output power. Using the method of square-wave current drive, and can ensure no “acoustic resonance” phenomenon.

2. Protection of abnormal.
It’s a normal phenomenon for tubes to leak, can not activate, can not start, the main circuit current is too large and other anomalies when the electronic ballast worked with the lamp. When there is an exception occurs in the lamp, the electronic ballast will turn off automatically , so to guarantee the security of the ballast and the lamp.

3. Control the over-current and over-voltage.
When the quality of power supply is not high, the grid will occur various serious phenomenons such as harmonics and noise pollution (such as transient high voltage, high energy pulse), or causes the switch can not be used due to lightning, the ballast can protect the lamp better through the regulation of voltage and current.

4. Decrease the raise of temperature.
It may shortened the life expectancy of ballast when the ballast temperature rises dramatically after long hours of work. At the design time, you should try to reduce the power consumption and improve efficiency. A professional potting of electronic insulating plastic can reduce the overall temperature of the product, prevent water, dust and other debris to enter, avoid short circuit caused by moisture damage to the product, and further improve the reliability of the product, but also avoid damage caused by transport vibration and shock. In general, the electrical efficiency of electronic ballast with excellent performance is above 90%.

5. Wide voltage operating range.
In some remote areas, the voltage is instability, and the quality of power is poor. However, the ballast can adjust the voltage to maintain the normal lighting of lamp under huge voltage fluctuations.

6. Control the lamp current crest factor .
The lamp current crest factor is the an important indicator which can impact the capability of cathode emission and the stability of launch current. With a higher lamp current crest factor, a shorter lamp, and also easier to bring additional flash.

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