The application of light color 2

Color mixed three laws:

Law of complementary color: color A + complementary A color= white;

Intermediate color law: any of the two intermediate non complementary colors mixed = intermediate color;

The law of substitution: such as color A = color B; color C = color D; then color A +color C = color B + color D

Additive Color Mixture – shade mixing method

Definition:  Using two and more than two shades direct or indirect mixed method to make the new shade.

RGB: CIE stipulated: Red Light(700nm), Green Light(546nm), Blue Light(435.8nm)

Subtractive Color Mixture – Pigment mixed method

Definition: according to the performance that white light is polychromatic light and pigment selective absorption of light, using two or more than two pigments absorb the different shade in the white light, thus obtained the color we need. Paint three primary color, green, magenta, yellow, respectively, are the primary complementary color of red light, green light and blue color.