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The analyze of Goniophotometer

Goniophotometer is measuring for the intensity distribution,it is a large precision optical test equipment. The basic properties of the Goniophotometer and measuring conditions should satisfy CIE, CIE 70-198,7 70-1987 and 121-1996 with the requirements of technical documents by CIE. At present, there are several kinds of structure forms of Goniophotometer: Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror、Sports reflective mirror Goniophotometer、Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer、Double mirror reflection Goniophotometer and ect.
Goniophotometer used in all kinds of LED lamps and lanterns: Semiconductor lighting Luminaires、Roadway Luminaires、Cast light Luminaires、Indoor Luminaires、The high precision testing of outdoor luminaires; It can test the light intensity distribution of various Leds, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, HID lamp; Measurement of various size light source and the total luminous flux, luminous efficiency of lamps; Can realize all kinds of light source, space brightness distribution of lamps and lanterns, shiny area‘s measurement.

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