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Technical Specification of Waterproof Test

Product Name: Waterproof Tester

Product NO: JL-2

Reference Standard


This product meets GB 2423.38-90 “Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test R: Water Test Method”. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the corresponding national standards and other technical parameters of the related standard such as the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for low voltage apparatus IP level GB4208-2008. Water test of the corresponding standards can be carried out.

Technical Specification

Product NO: JL-2

Revolving speed of the sample rack:1r /min(adjustable)

Semidiameter of the swing pipe :R1000mm

Dimensions of the testing table :designed according to the customer specimen size(the customer needs to provide the picture of the testing product)

Diameter of swing pipe water jet aperture :ø 0.4㎜

Distance between the swing pipe aperture :50mm

Water spray hole quantity : 60

Swing angle range :±60°、±90°、±175°

Swinging speed range :2×120°/4S、2×360°/12S

Total water flow of the swing pipe :adjustable

Rain water pressure :50-150KPa(adjustable)

Equipment power supply:AC380V

Equipment installation site size(L x W x H) :5.5m×2.5m×4m


Circuit Control and Protection System

Controller with high precision effectively guarantees the test operation in accordance with the standard;

Control device: With the microcomputer controller, the swing pipe can precisely control the swing angle and the speed of the swing pip;

Speed controller with average turntable speed regulation and high precision;

main configuration: storage water tank, water pump, pressure reduction distributor equipment, pressure gauge, flow meter, sparge pipe components, driving mechanism of swing pipe, rotating mechanism of work table, electric control system, retarding mechanism, etc;

Automatic shutdown and protection.


Equipment Service Conditions

Environment Temperature:5℃~+32℃;

Environment humidity:≤95%;(no moisture condensation)

Power suply:AC380( ±10%)V/50HZ,three phases and five lines system;


Laboratory Facilities Layout

The laboratory shall have enough space for containing a complete set of equipment, including the lighting, power supply, water supply and drainage facilities.

The laboratory ground shall be paved with anti-skidding and seepage-proofing materials, there should be left a drainage ditch with200 mmwidth and100 mmdepth, in order to discharge the waste water when doing the test. The wastewater can drain smoothly to the outside from the drainage ditch to ensure that the ground won’t produce the water and influence the test.

The laboratory shall be equipped with the water tank of plenty water storage for the test, the arrangement of the position of the tank shall be reasonable, it not only has to guarantee the convenience for the influential and effluent water and experimental water, it also ensures that it will not influence the test. The swing pipe with semidiameter of1.1mcan be designed as height of 1000 mm and width of1000 mm, depth of600 mm. Brick masonry structure and inside and outside ceramic tile face can guarantee no water seepage and the convenience for the influent and effluent water

The metope of laboratory should use the seeage-preventing ceramic tile, the cover height is at least3500 mm, the waterproof and the leakage-preventing power supply device shall be installed in the suitable position of the metope, the equipment power supply is AC 380 V, three phases and five lines.

The laboratory shall install the dampproof lighting devices.

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