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Static Electricity-One of The Biggest Reasons of Dead Lights

Static electricity is a kind of great harmful devil, the components damaged by electrostatic in the world
are too many to count, resulting in tens of millions dollars economic losses.So to prevent electrostatic damaging electronic components is a very important work in electronic industry. Companies major in LED encapsulation and application must not treat it lightly. Any problems in any link will cause great damage to LED, made the performance of LED bad. We all know that the human body (ESD) electrostatic can reach three thousand volts, enough to breakdown LED chips. And it is also very important whether the grounding resistance of all kinds of equipment is meeting the requirements in LED packaging production line. Generally, grounding resistance is required 4 ohms, and in some demanding occasions, the grounding resistance is even required to achieve ≤ 2 ohm.

According to the LED standards of use’s manual, the lead pitch colloid of LED should not short than 3~5 millimeters when clasping or welding. However, many LED productors haven’t do well in it. Most of them directly welding after put one the thickness of which is just the same with a PCB plate(≤2mm). Of course, it will deadly damage the LED beceuse of the high teperature which definitely will impair the characteristics of LED chips, decrease the luminous efficiency, and even worse, borke the LED.

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