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Standard LM-79 and LM-80 comparison

IES LM-79-08 Approved Method: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products. IES LM-79 standard is mainly for photoelectric performance measurement. Generally it is for whole lamp. Main measurement parameters as follow:
Electrical Measurement: Voltage, Current, Power and Power Factor.
Colorimetric Measurement: CCT, CRI and Chromaticity Coordinates
Photometric Measurement: Luminous Flux and Luminous Efficiency

Integrating Sphere System can measure upper parameters, but integrating sphere system cannot measure luminous intensity distribution. Luminous intensity distribution is measured by Goniophotometer.

IES LM-79 emphatically compares the total luminous measurement of Integrating Sphere System and Goniophotometer.
1. The integrating sphere system is suited for total luminous flux and color measurement of integrated LED lamps and relatively small-size LED luminaires. The integrating sphere system has the advantage of fast measurement and does not require a dark room.

2. Goniophotometer can provide measurement of luminous intensity distribution as well as total luminous flux.Goniophotometer can measure total luminous flux of SSL products of relatively large size(corresponding to dimensions of traditional fluorescent lamp luminaires). A Goniophotometer is installed in a dark room, normally temperature-controlled, and is not subject to heat accumulation from a source being measured. Measurements with a goniophotometer are time-consuming compared to a sphere photometer.

IES LM-80-08 is Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Source. LM-80 is for inorganic LED-based packages, arrays and modules, not LED bulbs or luminaries. The main measurement content as below:
1. Lumen maintenance of light source in different temperature
2. Color maintenance of light source in different temperature

LM-80 standard specifies that operation of the LED light sources between photometric measurements shall be at a minimum of three case temperatures, Ts, using the same drive current. The three case temperatures, Ts, shall be 55°C and 85°C with a third temperature selected by the manufacturer.

At the specified ambient temperature, the unit shall be driven for at least 6,000 hours with data collection at a minimum of every 1000 hours. Lisun LPCE-2(LMS-9000) High Precision Spetroradiometer Integrating Sphere Test System and LSG-3000 Moving Detector Goniophotometer meet the standard IES LM-79 and IES LM-80. LEDLM-80PL LED Lumen Maintenance and Aging Life Test System is designed according to standards of IES LM-80, IES LM-82, TM-21 and GB2312-80. Welcome new and old customers to consult.

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