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Knowledge about Spectrometer: Photometric Sensitivity, Stoichiometric Sensitivity, Measuring Time and the Data Transfer Speed

Photometric sensitivity

For the applications of spectrometer that requires high-sensitivity such as fluorescence and Raman, we suggest using the QE65000 which is thermoelectric and cooled two-dimensional CCD detector with 1024 × 58 pixel, but also select the detector condenser lens, SAG + UPG Reflectors, and wide slit (100um or wider), the model can be used to improve the signal strength by long integration time (from 7 milliseconds to 15 minutes), and can reduce the noise and increase the dynamic range.

Stoichiometric sensitivity

In order to detect the Absorption rate values which the two amplitude is very close to each other, it not only requires high sensitivity of the detector, but also high Signal to Noise Ratio. The detector with the highest signal to noise ratio is a thermoelectric and cooling two-dimensional CCD detector with 1024 x 58 pixels in QE65000 spectrometer, the signal to noise ratio is 1000.

Measuring time and the data transfer speed

Spectrometer data acquisition can be greatly improved by using the array detector, and does not adopt moving components. However, there is its optimal detector for each specific application. For example, the application of requiring fast response, we recommend using the USB2000 + Spectrometer, the minimum integration time is 1 ms, it is the fastest fiber optic spectrometer. However, for those applications which has a high and strict demanding on the data transmission time, we recommend selecting the USB2000 + Spectrometer, 1000 complete data acquisition can be completed through the USB2.0 interface per second.

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