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Space Color Distribution Measurement

Space Color Distribution Measurement


Use Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer System to test color parameters for light source and luminaries and use Goniophotometer System to test luminous intensity, which is the measurement for traditional light source and measurement.


Compare with traditional light source, the optoelectronic properties of LED light source are more complex, traditional light source measurement methods and instruments are unable to fully meet the needs of the market. With the development of technology, new light source has uneven spatial distribution, the international pays high attention to light source and luminaries color spatial distribution measurement recently. More and more lighting manufacturers have to measure the spatial distribution of color parameters.


Lisun LSG-1800BCCD/LSG-1700BCCD/LSG-1600BCCD High Precision Goniospectroradiometer is based on LSG-1800B/LSG-1700B/LSG-1600B with a high precision CCD spectroradiometer to test spatial CCT distribution.


LSG-1800BCCD/LSG-1700BCCD/LSG-1600BCCD is used to test the photometric parameters for LED roadway luminaries, indoor luminaries and flood lights in industry laboratory, such as spatial intensity distribution curve, spatial iso-intensity curve, intensity distribution curve on each section (represent by right-angled coordinates or polar coordinates, luminance limitation curve, luminaire efficiency, glare grade, effective beam angle, upward luminous flux ratio, downward luminous flux ratio, total luminous flux, effective luminous flux, utilization factor and electric parameters voltage, current, wattage, power factor and etc. It can also test spatial CCT distribution. The test result can be exported as IES, LDT, CIE etc format files, which can be used in lighting design software such as DIALUX.

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