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Solutions for LED Overheating

LED technology has achieved a rapid development. The chip design and the material improvement have promoted the development of the brighter and durable illuminant, which has widened the light source application scope.  However, LED lighting manufactures still need to continue to overcome the problem of strong LED light source thermal sensitivity. Excessive heat and misapplication may discount the performance of LED light source.

One incandescent light bulb of 60 watt may produce about 900 lumens, which must dissipate 3 watt by conduction. AS the light source, there only need 12 typical DC LED that can reach the same 900 lumens intensity illumination.

In this instance, about 20% input power has been transformed into light, 80% may be transformed into heat. This may depends on many factors, heat emitting may relate to the bottom irregular and the phoneme emission, sealing and materials. Among the total quantity of heat, there are 90% heat are conducted through conduction transmission. Table 1 indicates the heat dissipation from LED receiving surface, transmission is the main circulation of heat conduction, because convection and radiation only hold 10% of the total heat transfer. For example, one LED may be transformed into about 10.72 watt heats (13.4 watt x 0.8). Among them, 9.648 watt (10.72 watt x 0.9) may transmits or transfer from LED receiving surface through transmission. Obviously, LED light source needs precise power and heat management system, because most of LED electric energy may transform into heat comparing to other optical energy. If there is no proper heat management, this kind of heat may effect LED life and color output. At the same time, because LED actuating device belongs to silicon components, it will soon lose efficiency. Therefore, there must equip current protective equipment and fault security spare equipment.

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