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Pros and Cons of LED Lamp

Can we tell which kind of light is good? Ordinary fluorescent lights? Or LED lights?
LED light is the semiconductor lighting, which has been developing for several years in China, and 2010 is the fastest growing year for LED light, which has entered the homes of ordinary people, But there still have many people keeping it at a respectful distance due to the high price. The main reason is that LED lightings are not known widely because of being a new device. In fact, it is valuable for money. There are simple introductions to tell you pros and cons about the LED lights. Power saving: Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED lights is more than  80% energy saving in the same brightness, and compared with fluorescent lamps, it’s more than 50% energy saving.

Long service: Currently the life of incandescent is 1000-2000 hours, the life of the ordinary fluorescent lamp is 6,000 hours, and LED lamp life is 50,000-80,000 hours in theory; Environmental friendly: no ultraviolet or infrared spectra in long time lighting, which means no lighting pollution, no radiation, and can reduce the harmful substances emission such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other chemical composition; Easy installation: can be installed directly on bracket of the ordinary fluorescent lamp, for the users who have these fluorescent brackets, just need to remove the starter and ballast (cut the ballast line, both ends of the bracket line can be directly connected to public electricity 220V); Advantages of low voltage start-up: the wide-voltage design is used as the driving circuit, lighting can be normally started in power supply voltage scope, to effectively protect its work from too low or too high voltage, also can be adapted in remote areas because of the low-voltage; Variety of styles: LED lighting is series-parallel connection, the volume of single led is very small, so it is easy to be manufactured into a variety of shape and exquisite patterns. Contrarily, the ordinary fluorescent form is only a single whole.

It’s an inevitable trend for LED lights replacing fluorescent lighting, the current price of LED lights is relatively high mainly due to the high cost of its chip. At present, many big companies are developing new chips, so LED price is expected to decline in a few years later. Actually, it’s cost-effective to use LED lighting from now on than ordinary lights in some certain situations, such as hotels and galleries, a number of spotlights installed on the wall usually keep working for a long time. Nowadays halogen spotlights are commonly used. This kind of lamp has ultraviolet lights which will fade the exposure places. There are also the infrared lights that can cause dehydration, so it’s not valuable as well. But LED has no ultraviolet and infrared and can keep the irradiated object healthy and away from injuries (no radiation). What is more important is that LED has high energy conservation and long service life. 3WLED light with the costs of 100 RMB is enough for general use. One lamp can save over 100 RMB for the electricity costs per year, dozens of lights are sure to save more.

LED lighting is the first choice and value for money on consideration of both aspects: energy-saving & environmental protection and cost-saving.

The decay phenomenon of LED lamp.How much decay of LED lamp? It’s qualified for LED lamp decay to be controlled within 10% per 1000 hours, usually a good sample can reach 70% brightness after 40,000 hours’ using. Actually LED lamp decay happened when being used for 1000 hours, but high-power LED light’s decay will be smaller than normal, and the low-power will be bigger, this calculation is only based on LED lighting itself.

Temperature of LED lamp is the crucial factor for decay, if thermal dissipation does not work, the higher of temperature, the faster of decay, generally mentioned the LED lights decay happens in ideal state, for fluorescent, because of using many bulbs, so the following aspects must be considered such as: thermal dissipation, LED distance, current, lamp shells and other issues.

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