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Professional Knowledge About LED Electrostatic 3

Question: which kind of method can be used to evaluate and test the antistatic ability of LED?

Most of the enterprise evaluates the antistatic ability of LED with the attitude of having a try. Actually, this is an assessment method of long cycle length, great error, high cost and risk.

Millimeter is used to test the resistance of LED, the smaller the resistance value is the antistatic ability of LED is smaller, however, in the reality, once the antistatic LED is connected to 500V, and this method will not distinguish.

Using the antistatic testing instrument to do the test is the most scientific, most objective and most directive method. Actually, there are not so many instruments testing electronic components of the antistatic index, but there are many static high-voltage instruments that can test the electronic products. We should pay attention to the difference between them.

Question: Is there a specialized instrument for LED antistatic test? Is it the same with the high pressure and static discharge test?

The antistatic index of LED only be tested by the specialized semiconductor ESD simulator tester, but not be tested by the static gun with the arc discharge.

When doing LED antistatic test, the static must be directly exerted on the two pins of LED, the discharge wave form of the instrument has a strict standard code. Any uncomfortable feelings will not be perceived even when human is exerted on 10KV by this kind of testing instrument. However, the static gun is easy to hurt people if any lack of standardization of the operation happens, let alone make the gun hit people. The consequence is very bad.

Question: Is there any relative standard for LED electronic device antistatic test?

LED belongs to the semiconductor device; it has the corresponding static discharge simulation test standard. The relatively common and international authority includes: <ANSI-ESDSTM5.1.2-1999> by the international association of electrostatics;  <JESD22-A114/115> by  the international electronic devices joint committee;
Description of static test standard in <MIL-STD-883>  by the U.S. military standard.

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