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Professional Knowledge About LED Electrostatic 1

Question: What is the static electricity? How does it arise?

The electric charge is transferred because of the existence of the electric charge and electric field, so as to form the two energies with the voltage of the opposite polarity, namely the static electricity. Static electricity is not the stationary electricity; it has the same nature with the electricity for common use. Static electricity is everywhere around us, even if the environment which has done sufficient static electricity protection can also not be completely set the static, and there is only the possibility of reducing the electrostatic generation. Walking around, electrical induction, contact friction between objects will also produce static.

Question: Is the antistatic index important for LED?

The answer is definite. Once the enterprise grasps the antistatic level of LED, it also grasps the reliability of LED. LED antistatic index is not only applicable in all kinds of products and all kinds of environment, but also as an reliable integrated embodiment for the comprehensive performance of LED. For the international LED manufactures, their LED antistatic level is usually quite good, because the improvement of LED antistatic level, LED chip manufacturing in is also one of the most important quality index. Therefore, the level of the antistatic ability of LED is the core embodiment of LED reliability, even if the brightness ( Brightness Meter ) and electrical index are all very good, once the antistatic index is low, it’s easy to end the life of the light because of the electrostatic damage.

Question: Why is LED lamp suddenly dark or off? What is LED static test?

If the conventional electricity and illuminance are examined to be qualified before LED goes out, and the current also conforms the standard of LED. However, in the process of usage, even in the assembly production, this situation occurs because Led is damaged by the static.

LED suppliers always told LED users that their antistatic measures have many problems. However, there is no reason to explain and analyze this statement. The quality accident is caused by the low antistatic ability of LED lamp. As long as we change to use LED lamp of high antistatic ability, that problem will be easily solved.

Question: On which aspect does the antistatic ability depend?

The antistatic ability of LED lamp depends on LED (chip) itself. The antistatic ability of LED lamp has no relationship with LED packaging and production. Tell further, antistatic electricity also depends on the extension of LED (EPI); this is the core of the LED technology. At present, although China has some LED chip factories, but most of the products in LED market are the extensions (also called back end), the level of extension, at present in China is in a relatively backward technical level. The good news is that the state is now taking in that extension of technology.

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