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Power Saving and Environmental Protection

The energy of power generation mainly are the fire (coal, oil and gas), hydraulic and atomic energy. For coal-fired power plant inChina, mainly two-thirds are coal.

Power saving is very important to protect the environment. In the case of thermal power generation, each production of 1 KWH, the air pollutants are burning coal, burning oil, burning gas.CO2 continuously accumulates, absorbs the infrared radiation released by the ground in the atmosphere, forming the greenhouse effect, leading to the earth warming, sea ice melting, and thermal expansion, sea levels rising, change the ecological system, influence the human life and production activities.

SO2, NOx and acid rain in the atmosphere make the materials corrode rapidly, destroying the soil and water quality, and effect the plants grow. The human who lives for a long time in certain concentration of SO2 and NOx in the air, can produce respiratory tract and other diseases.

To promote green lighting, a lot of electricity can be saved. So, the environmental pollution by the production power can be reduced.

To promote the green lighting and protect the global environment, we need to do the followings.

Using the lighting electric products of high efficiency, long service life, safe and stable performance.

Using the electric light source of high efficiency and energy saving.

Using high energy saving lighting lamps and lanterns

Using high efficiency and energy saving lamp appliances accessories

Using wiring equipment of high efficient transfer, long service life, low and safe electric power.

Using various kinds of the control equipments or devices for illumination energy saving.

Using electric light source of high efficiency and energy saving.
Using brine tungsten lamp to replace common lighting incandescent lamp (electricity saving 50-60%)

Using single ended fluorescent to replace incandescent lamp (electricity saving 70-80%)

Using tube fluorescent to replace incandescent light bulb and the upgraded tube fluorescent lamps (electricity saving 70-90%)

Strongly promoting the applications of high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, low voltage sodium lamp.

Promoting the LED-LED application

Using high energy saving lighting lamps and lanterns

Choosing lamps and lanterns of high efficiency, reasonable durability and good reflection

Using lamp appliances accessories of high efficiency and energy saving.

Using energy-saving ballast and electronic ballast instead of traditional high energy- consuming inductance ballast.

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