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Photometric Terms

Luminous flux: Φ, Lm

Luminous flux is the sum total of the amount of light per second generated by the illuminant.

Light intensity: I, cd

The luminous intensity is the luminous flux from a point source emitted per unit solid angle in a given direction. A goniophotometer can be used for measuring light intensity.

Illuminance: E, Lm / m2

Luminous body irradiation in the illuminated objects on a luminous flux per unit area, known as the illumination. Come to our luminance meter.

Brightness: L, cd/m2

Luminous body specific direction within the unit solid angle of the luminous flux emitted per unit area is called brightness. Visit our website for brightness meter.

Luminous efficiency: Lm/w

The ability of changing the electric light source energy into light, that the emitted flux divides the power consumption. The light measurement of goniophotometer can also measure the luminous efficiency.

Life expectancy:

Life expectancy refers to a number of hours that fifty percent of the light bulbs have been damaged.

Economic life:

Considering the light bulb damage and the state of beam output light attenuation, the comprehensive beam reduced to a certain number of hours.

The proportion used for outdoor light source is seventy percent, and used for indoor light source such as fluorescent lamp is eighty percent.

Please visit our website for aging test instruments for LED life.

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