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Pay attention to draw up the measurement standards of LED products

The properties of LED that the light-emitting surface is small, the beam is narrow and brightness is high determine its measurement particularity, to solve the problem, CIE separately sets up two technical committee “TC2-45 LED Measurement” and “TC2-46 CIE/ISO LED Intensity Measurement Standard”. The CIE TC2-34 Team held a meeting in Vienna headquarters in Oct.1997, formulated and recommended CIE 127-1997 LED measurement standard, it relates to LED radiance, photometric and colorimetric measurement(photoelectric colorimeter). But due to the fast development of LED technology in recent years, especially lighting white LED products, many problems are not considered in the past. Therefore, the CIE annual meeting held in Tokyo in 1999, the representative of developed countries proposed that the white LED lighting appliance standards made by CIE TC2-34, the Japanese delegation also submitted two standard draft of white LED general lighting.

In order to develop the lighting LED technology, developed countries have attached great importance to LED measurement (LED test)method and standards research. For example, American National Standards Institute (NIST) organizes the international famous testing experts to carry out the LED measurement research, focus on LED emission characteristics, temperature characteristics and attenuation characteristics test methods, tries to establish a set of LED testing methods and technical standards, it has been walking in the forefront of the world in the LED test. Japan established the “white LED Test Research Committee” to be devoted to the study lighting white LED testing methods and technical standards. The developed countries in the world in order to seize the commanding point in the study of LED, they have invested a lot of manpower and resources in LED standards and testing, focus on the choice of parameters and test methods in LED standards.


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