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Parsing the LED glare and light spot

With the people’s increased awareness of energy saving and LED lighting technology mature, LED lighting market has preliminarily formed, and the market will be more and more big. At present there are a lot of manufacturer of LED fluorescent lamp, that people have to face a tricky question: LED glare and light spot and the LED light intensity.
For LED glare problem, at present each manufacturer has been adopted a variety of methods, some use wire drawing PC mask, some use grinding sand mask, and some use special phosphor material and so on, but these methods are not very ideal, grinding sand mask can eliminate dazzling, but light spot phenomenon is more serious, people under the lamp time slightly longer and the eyes will fatigue, if people under the lamp long time ,that can also lead to eye astigmatism;Adopt frosted and milky mask the light loss is too big, poor effect.
In generally speaking, the use of optical film has the following advantages:
1)To eliminate the LED light spot
2)Broaden the irradiation Angle

The LED fluorescent lamp using optical diaphragm has the direct benefits:Using the same number of LED fluorescent lamp lighting,in the same area of space,adopt the diaphragm of LED fluorescent lamp there is no irradiation blind area,uniform light, lighting effects are far more than ordinary LED fluorescent lamp.And the lighting area is larger, this advantage is more obvious.

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