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Paint (coating) introduction

Definition of paint:
Paint is a liquid or solid material of organic compounds or inorganic compounds, which can be coated on the surface of objects with different construction processes to form a solid film with firm adhesion, certain strength and continuity. The film formed in this way is generally called coating film, also called paint film or coating.
At present, the national standard determines to use “paint” as the general name of paint, and “paint” is the common name of paint.
There are four main functions: protection, decoration, covering up product defects and other special functions, and improving the value of products

Composition of paint:
Paint generally consists of resin, pigment, filler, solvent and auxiliary agent.
1. Resin
Main components of paint, film-forming components in paint
2. Pigment
It can make the paint show rich colors, make the paint have a certain hiding power, and enhance the mechanical properties and durability of the film
3. Filler
It plays a filling role in paint, reduces paint cost and increases film thickness
4. Solvent
It is used to dissolve and dilute film-forming substances, so that the paint is easy to form a perfect film during construction, accounting for more than 50% of the paint, and generally volatilizes into the atmosphere.
5. Auxiliaries
It is rarely used in paint, but it is an indispensable component, commonly used as defoamer, wetting agent, leveling agent, anti settling agent, anti orange peel agent and drying agent.

Color matching:
Color matching is the process of mixing two or more kinds of paints together to produce the target color. Paint suppliers generally provide dozens of paints (also known as color masterbatch) containing only one basic color, and these limited paints can be used to produce ever-changing colors.

Three principles of color matching:
1 Mix two main colors to obtain a neutral color (hue)
2 Add white pigment to the color, and the saturation of the primary color will be reduced (desaturation).
On the basis of the existing color, if white pigment is added to a color, the original color will be diluted. Essentially, the white light component in the mixed color reflected light is more than that in the primary color reflected light. In this way, you can adjust the saturation of the color (that is, the customary way to adjust the depth).
3 Add black pigment to the color, and the brightness of the primary color will be reduced (adjust the brightness).
On the basis of existing colors, if different proportions of black paint are added to a color, various colors with different lightness can be obtained. Essentially, the mixed color absorbs more incident light than the primary color, and the reflected light is less than the primary color. This is the way to adjust the color brightness during color mixing.

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