Measurement and Evaluation of the Safety of UV Light Sources|Part6: Conclusion

First, this paper analyzes the test and the safety of the two types of UV lamp combined with the UV safety requirement, and received the anticipative purpose of providing the actual basis of safely using the two types of the UV lamp.

Second, all kinds of UV light source may cause the damage to human body, as long as we limit the effective radiated value of all kinds of harm in to a certain rang, we can avoid all kinds of harm.

Thirdly, the primary mission of studying the lighting safety has the following points:

1. Studying the advanced experience of the leading countries in Light security research, researching the safety light using method that is suitable for the state condition, especially is suitable for the light biological characteristics of the Chinese skin.

2. Acting on international convention, speeding up safety standard formulation, try and take part in the relevant CIE, IEC document of light biological safety formulation.

3. Strengthening the research of all kinds of measuring and testing techniques to improve the level of equipment and testing ability of the quality and inspection agency.

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