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Maintenance of Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere

LED testing equipment mainly has Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer System. Goniophotometer is used for light intensity distribution measurement; integrating sphere spectroradiometer system is used for flux and colorimetric measurement. So how maintain these lighting test equipments?

Integrating Sphere maintenance: Inspect and clean the external of integrating sphere, such as the internal of integrating sphere has dust, rinse with air gun, it is strictly prohibited to clean with a rag inside the internal. Please close the integrating sphere when don’t use it, to avoid dust, don’t let hard object scratch. Please wear white gloves when operate in the integrating sphere. Inspect the integrating sphere spectroradiometer system every week and fill in the inspection result record. Inspect whether the system has problems before use, remark the problems in the equipment maintenance record, then ask help of personnel. It must recalibrate after maintenance, movement, software change, software replacement and optical fiber replacement. Please record the parameters before recalibrate or maintenance. For cabinet, non professional is strictly prohibited to open cabinets, internal cabinet are open for cleaning dust by professional monthly. Don’t open the cabinet at will, to prevent electric shock and damage.

Goniophotometer maintenance, such as LISUN LSG-2000 LM-79 Goniophotometer System: Should wear shoe cover into the darkroom. Don’t place independent objects in the darkroom(Turntable must keep clean around).

Host machine maintenance:

  1. Turn γ angle to 120 angle after test. (Convenient to discharge lamps and protect mirror and receiving probe).
  2. It must guarantee that the output of turntable doesn’t have output voltage absolutely when discharge lamp, and think 30 seconds to ensure safety.
  3. Don’t push the turntable with hands; don’t use external force to stop running when turntable runs.
  4. When discharge lamp, ensure 2 people operate. To ensure safety, 2 people or more operate when the lamp is large.
  5. Keep the dark room clean after test, especially the turntable; it is prohibited to place other objects around the turntable.
  6. Cover the reflector with special black cloth after test to keep it clean. Turn γangle to 120 angle after test. (Convenient to discharge lamps and protect mirror and receiving probe). Ensure that the reflector is about 2.5m height from the ground.



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