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LSG-1800: Automatic Goniophotometric Measurement System

This horizontal goniophotometer is another goniophotometric system that we often use.

Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer

The test distance of the detector of the test system is between 1.41m and 11.41m. The lamp is installed on the turntable that can rotate around the horizontal and vertical direction. The vertical axis line of the turntable is fixable, the horizontal axis is movable. Under the control of the computer, when the electric motor is perpendicular to the main axis and rotates, the photometric detector measures the luminous intensity value of the lamp in each horizontal direction. When the measurement of a plane is finished, the lamp of the horizontal axis motor drive rotates around a certain angle, and then the photometric detector starts to measure the light distribution of the other plane. Vertical spindle continues to rotate; the horizontal axis goes on discontinuous motion to realize the measurement of the intensity distribution data of the lamp in each special direction.

This set of system has the advantage of small turntable structure, low cost, small space, fast test speed and two detachable vertical posts which can be switched between B-β and C-γ, the two sets of system. However, the flash point of the measured lamp is changeable in the measurement, which has great impact on the stable flash of the discharge lamp. Therefore, this set of system is not suitable for measuring the discharge lamp. However, for Led products, the flash points only affect the cooling effect. In this distribution photometer, the measured LED products only rotate around the center. The environment temperature change and the airflow around are smaller than the center rotating mirror type goniophotometer. If the heat dissipation of LED product is not sensitive for the heat dissipation of LED product. Then, the stability of this type of distribution photometry among LED products is much higher, which can get high distribution measurement accuracy. The corresponding measurement accuracy of the total luminous flux is higher as well.

For specific lamps and lanterns, choosing the right equipment and measurement methods based on a deep understanding of the equipment, will be able to save the measurement time, and get precise result at the same time.

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