LM – 80 luminous flux to maintain life prediction

LED as a new type of light source get rapid development in recent years, according to the national bureau of statistics data, the number of street lights around the country about 90 million lamps.If calculated on every street lamp 5000 yuan, the market scale will be close to 500 billion.Although LED lighting with energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and long life, and many other advantages,but its  research is still lack in reliability.LED as light source, not only in terms of photosynthetic efficiency, at the same time should be evaluated in terms of color warm color rendering, speak only lights, regardless of the color warm color rendering index is of no practical significance.Also  only speak lights effect, do not speak the light output lumens maintaining life also is of no practical significance.LED the theory of life of 100000 hours, if still adopts the conventional life test under normal stress rating, it is difficult to to the life and reliability of the product is relatively objective evaluation, how to scientifically predict theLED luminous flux to maintain life, to ensure reliability of the leds used, not only need to establish a prediction model, and the need to guarantee a certain test time, scientifically forecast.Analysis under the interpretation of the LM – 80 report maintain life prediction with the LED luminous flux.Reveals that the service life of the LED light output prediction based on the test of 6000 h of the  mathematical statistics at least, for the LED reliability research has certain practical significance.