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LEDs Test Method: Photoelectric Characteristics Testing Method – Switching Time

3000 type:Photoelectric Characteristics Testing Method

Method 3001: switching time

1 Objective

Measure the turn on time ton (open delay time td(on) +rise time tr )of the measuring LED device and the turn off time toff (closed delay time td(off) +decrease time tr ).

2 Test chart

3000 type 1

Picture 13 method 3001 test chart

D:Measuring LED device

G1:High resistance current pulse generator

G2:Dc bias current source

G3:Dc voltage bias source

Rd: The resistance of the impedance matching generator

RL: Load resistance

M:Measuring instruments

PD:Photoelectric diode

Syn:Synchronous signal

Note: the switching time of the photoelectric diode, experiment circuit and measuring instrument delay time, the input current pulse rise time and decrease time should be short enough to ensure that they won’t affect the measurement precision. The average output power obtained from the pulse top needn’t to equal the continuous radiation power of the sum of the dc bias current and the input pulse current.

3 Test procedures

Add the specified dc and pulse current to the device being tested, use the measuring instruments M to measure the switch time. 100% of the radiation output power level is the average output power obtained at the top of the radiation pulse. 0% level is the output power of the dc bias current

4 Rated condition

Environment and tube temperature

DC bias current

Optical window

Optical structure

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