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LED Spectral Parameters

LED spectral characteristics parameters mainly include peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth and spectral power distribution etc. The spectral of monochrome LED is single wave peak; peak wavelength and bandwidth can represent the characteristic, while the spectral of white LED is composed of several single spectral. The spectral characteristics of all LED can be represented by spectral power distribution, and you can calculate the colorimetric parameters from the LED spectral power distribution.


The test of spectral power distribution needs light splitting, split all kinds of light from mixed light and generally adopt prisms and gratings to realize light splitting.


1. Switch Characteristics

LED switch characteristics are the photo, electricity and color change characteristic when LED switches on or off electricity. We can get the instant work status of power cycle and variation of material properties via LED switch characteristics test. It not only can learn the LED loss of switching on or off electricity, it also can use for design of LED power module.


2. Color characteristics


LED color characteristics mainly include chromaticity coordinate, dominant wavelength, color purity, color temperature and CRI etc, LED color characteristics is important for white LED.


Current color characteristics test methods have spectrophotometry and integration method.


3. Thermal Characteristics


LED thermal characteristics mainly are thermal resistance and junction temperature. Thermal resistance is the rate of temperature difference along the heat flow channel and channel loss power. Junction temperature is the temperature of LED junction. LED thermal resistance and junction temperature are the important factors that influence LED photoelectrical performance.

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