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LED reliability characteristics

LED reliability characteristics include electrostatic sensitivity characteristic, life and environment characteristics.


Electrostatic sensitivity characteristic refers that LED can withstand electrostatic discharge voltage. The resistivity of some LED is high and the distance of positive and negative is short, if both ends of the electrostatic charge accumulate to a certain value, the electrostatic voltage can break through PN junction, PN junction breakdown can cause LED failure serious. Therefore, we must do the electrostatic sensitivity characteristics test to get the LED ESD failure threshold voltage. Currently, we adopt body model, machine model, device charge model to simulate the electrostatic discharge phenomenon in real life.


In order to observe the optical performance change performance when LED is under long-term continuous use condition, we need to carry out random test on LED to get LED life parameter by long-term observation and statistics.


Regard LED environment characteristics test, we generally simulate that LED meets all kinds of natural invasion in application: high and low temperature shock test, humidity cycle test, humidity test, spray test, dustproof test, irradiation test, vibration and shock test, drop test, centrifugal acceleration test etc.

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