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LED Power Drive

LED Power Drive makes the supply of  power  into a specific voltage current to drive the LED voltage converter,Normally, the input of LED Power

Drive supply includes high voltage AC power frequency、Low voltage DC、High voltage DC、Low-voltage high frequency AC, etc. And the output of

the LED Power Driver mostly can change over LED positive pressure drop value’s change, then change the voltage of the constant current source.


Due to a variety of different specifications of the LED power conversion efficiency and performance of each are not identical. So choose a suitable

and efficient LED dedicated power supply,can truly show the LED light source characteristics of the highly effective. Because of the low efficiency of

the LED power supply itself to spend a lot of electricity, So during the process of  the LED supply power then  can’t prominent the energy-saving

features of LED. The stability of LED power supply、Energy-saving sex and lifespan play important role in the work of the LED.

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