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LED Plant Lighting Lamp

LED Plant Lighting Lamp

Light environment is one of the indispensable and important physical environmental factors for plant growth and development. LED plant lighting lamp is a kind of artificial light source to meet plant photosynthesis light conditions. In the absence of sunlight, lamp can act as daylight.

Plant growth lights play the function of environmental protection and energy conservation. LED plant lights provide photosynthesis light conditions, promote plant growth, short the time of plant bloom and bear fruit, improve production. It is an indispensable product for crops during modernization construction.

The wavelength types of LED plant lamps are rich, which is coincided with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. It can concentrate the light of a specific wavelength to irradiate the crop evenly. Not only it can regulate crop flowering and fruiting, but also it can control plant height and plant nutrients. System has less heat and less space, which can be used for multi-layer cultivation composite system to meet low heat load and production space miniaturized.

Light spectrum direct impact on plant photosynthesis is mainly red and blue. Red light is concentrated in the 630nm~660nm, its role is to help plant bloom and bear fruit; blue light is concentrated in the 450nm~470nm, its role is to help plant grow stems and leaves. 

Plant lighting is one of the most wide used fields of LED agriculture application, greenhouse, plant tissue culture, plant and mushroom production and many other occasions can use LED instead of traditional light source. At present, LED plant light source is mainly applied in artificial lighting in greenhouse, plants factory and plant tissue culture seedlings.

Many large lighting companies have developed LED plant lighting business. Utilizing LED optimize planting system to achieve sustainable crop planting throughout the year. Under the circumstances of the rapid growth in global demand for organic food, LED plant lighting applications will be more and more wide.

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