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LED packaging principle


LED package is mainly to provide a platform for LED chips, so that LED chips have better performance of light, electricity and heat. Good packaging can make LEDs have better luminous efficiency and good heat dissipation environment, and good heat dissipation environment can enhance LEDs. The service life. LED packaging technology is mainly built on five main considerations, namely optical extraction efficiency, thermal resistance, power dissipation, reliability and cost performance (Lm/$).

There are many kinds of LED chip packages, and different styles of packages should be used according to the actual photoelectric characteristics. However, the common LED packages have the following five common patterns.

First, the LED chip soft package, this package style is generally used in the LED display of character display, digital display, and electric display. The soft package of the LED chip is to directly bond the LED chip on the PCB printing plate, and connect the desired characters and display effects through the welding wire. These chips and wire bonds are then protected with a transparent resin.

Second, the pin packing method. The main advantage of this kind of package is that it can flexibly control the angle of light emitted by the LED chip, and it can also easily realize the function of measuring light. The pin package method only needs to fix the chip on the lead frame and then encapsulate it with epoxy resin. Can be a single LED device.

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