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LED Light Output Efficiency 1 Abstract

Abstract: Using the Fresnel formula to calculate the distribution curve flux ( Flux Meter ) emitted from LED chip to the packing materials, and the light output efficiency of this interface; then calculating the light efficiency of the packing materials and the air interface so as to get the influence of the Packaging materials refractive index of the simple case shape LED on the light shooting out efficiency.

Keywords: LED; distribution curve flux; efficiency; light shooting efficiency

LED has been recognized as the promising new lighting source in the 21st century. As the fourth generation light source after the filament lamp, fluorescent lamp and high intensity discharge lamp, LED has the extremely bright future with the characteristics such as small power dissipation, long life, small size, low heat and sturdy and durable structure. LED still has the upside potential in available colors, light emitting power and cost performance, which has been widely applied. For example, the application in traffic lights, indicating lamps and large screen display has been increased; however, the luminous efficiency of LED is not high enough. The further improvement of efficiency has been one of the hot topics for the current research.

Based on the refractive index of the packing materials, this paper has adopted the simplified LED structure model, and calculated the light emitting efficiency of each interface by using the Fresnel reflection and refraction formula, so as to get the total output efficiency, namely, the influence of the packing materials reflective index on the light emitting efficiency.

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