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LED Lamps Aging and Life Test

Many customers need aging LED lamps, but do not have a clear concept of aging test and life test.Aging test usually use aging test racks. What is aging test rack? Aging rack is dedicated to simulate the products in real conditions involved in the use of various factors on the aging of the product conditions to strengthen the process of the corresponding conditions.

Why we need aging test? Electronic products, no matter components, parts or machines, all need aging test. Aging and test is not one concept, aging firstly and then test. Electronic product after manufacturing forms a complete product, which is able to play its role. But users may find a variety of problems after use, most problems occurs in the first few hours to dozens of hours. Later, formulate electronic products aging and test to simulate the using state or equivalent products. This process is done by the product manufacturer. The problem products will stay in factory, products without problems will sell to users, to ensure that the products that users buy are reliable or less problematic, which is the meaning of aging test.

LED life and reliability of LED products is one of the most important performances. Life is the ultimate performance of reliability, but the theoretical life of LED is very long, according to the use of different conditions and drive current, LED life has 50.000 hours or more. Different with the traditional light source, LED will not go out instantly, but decays slowly. According to LM-80, LED light source should operate at the lowest temperature of the three case temperatures (Ts) for the photometric test and should use the same drive current. These three case temperatures should be 55℃, 85℃ and a third temperature provided by the DUT manufacturer. The case temperature provided by the DUT manufacturer and drive current should meet the customers’ requirements and are within the recommended operating temperature range. Test unit should be driven for at least 6000 hours and the data collected at least every 1000 hours.

Rated Lumen Maintenance Life is the elapsed operating time over which the LED light source will maintain the percentage of its initial light output. The lumen maintenance rate is a contradiction of the flux attenuation.

Lisun LEDLM-80PL LED Lumen Maintenance and Aging Life Test System is designed according to standards of IES-LM-80, IES-LM-82, TM-21 and GB2312-80.

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