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LED Lamp for Film and Television

Characteristics such as the LED radiation, high efficiency, and easy lighting control make the scene change plumper, and have also completely solved the technical problem of the imaging light color temperature ( Color Temperature Meter ) changes. LED lamp for the film and television provides the basic light and auxiliary light to achieve the high requirement of the light intensity and evenness. LED lambency lamp is very suitable for CCD series digital camera filming for its soft light and even illuminance, delicate facial irradiation and life like character. It not only has overcome the defects of the traditional studio, but also makes it more convenient for environmental protection and control.

LED lamp for film and television has saved the dimmer device, because of the low heat productivity and low infrared radiation, which may cause the cooling capacity and the reduction of the transformer capacity ( Transformer Test Equipment ). The light weight of LED lamps for film and television has provided the convenience of installation, and has also reduced the installation fees. LED lamp is optional in the color temperature band of 3200K ~ 5600K, is suitable for various environment such as the warm light and daylight color. All these advantages have provided the convenience for the filming, especially the location shooting. LED lamp has infinitely adjustable function without the dimming device. DMX512 digital bus control makes it more flexible.

Formerly, the studio always used the tungsten halogen light source which has very short life of 200 hours only. The life of LED light source can be as long as 50000 hours, which is more than 200 times that of the tungsten halogen light source. The luminous efficiency can be as high as 100m/w, which is 4-5 times of the tungsten halogen light source. The foundation light used by the news studio is the LED flat lambency light of × 100W and 1x100W, which has the LED characteristics of soft and even light, small glare. The power of spotlight is 200W and 100W, used for characters and filming light. The lamps used in the studio include: 46 sets of LED digital spots of 200W used for backlight, lord light and fill-in light in senior high play area; 11 sets of LED digital spots of 100W used for backlight, lord light and fill-in light in low-level high play area; 18 sets of LED flat lambency lamp of 100W used or the surface light and auxiliary light in low-level high play area. The brightness ( Brightness Meter ) adjusting range is from 0 to 100%, which saves 85% electricity than the traditional tungsten halogen light. The built-in DMX512 signal decoding and PWM dimmer constant current power supply is combined with the optional color temperature products of 3200K and 5600K, which can be suitable for warm lighting and daylight color and various kinds of temperatures.

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